Total Mindfuck: A Fast and Filthy Guide to Sexual Roleplaying

That other fuckin’ book everyone’s talking about.

Sexual roleplaying is an awesome way to elevate your orgasms, but before you overpay for some chintzy fetish-wear, remember, great sex starts in the mind.

If you want more mind-blowing orgasms you’ll need a conversation starter, a scintillating, whimsical, funny and informative permission slip to step outside your sexual comfort zone and embrace that “other” more adventurous you. You’ll need Total Mindfu*k!

Sexual roleplay at its core is a form of erotic escapism, allowing participants that may have some inhibitions or hang-ups in their sex life (possibly stemming from prior bad experiences, sexual or verbal abuse, religious guilt or cultural influences, etc.) to step into the role of someone unfazed by such things for a while. For some, roleplaying is just another awesome tool in the sex drawer, for others, roleplaying can become the dominant or only way they orgasm because this temporary disassociation with the abused, shamed or mistreated self can be incredibly empowering.

Total Mindfu*k emphasizes improvisation and imagination over elaborate costumes and predetermined scenes, allowing you more leeway to adapt in the moment, share a laugh and blow each other’s minds (and bodies). Meticulously crafted to transform supposedly taboo, experimental or shame-inducing sexual exploits into accessible and utterly orgasmic adventures for the rest of us, Heat & Stir’s Fast and Filthy Guidebooks get it done in about a hundred pages (Fast), including intense sexual encounters and pottymouth (Filthy) as promised.

An unapologetic feminist, F.R. Larkin thoughtfully includes balanced fantasies alternating between feminine and masculine dominance, and includes material appealing to all genders and sexual preferences…without seeming to do any of the above. Through peerless creativity and writing talent, Mr. Larkin has crafted a book of breathtaking sexual fantasies that titillate and inform, overcoming the PC and didactic pitfalls plaguing most sexual non-fiction and introducing connectivity, passion and humor that blows away today’s low-standard erotica. Crafting hyper-connected, super-sensual scenes that are at once superlative yet relatable, dramatic yet funny as hell, and carnal yet fabulously human, F.R. Larkin is the new standard bearer for consensual, connected, shame-free sexual adventure.

About the Author: Frank R. Larkin is an ardent advocate for shame-free, consensual sex. A survivor of sex abuse perpetrated by a predator-pediatrician in Omaha, Frank believes that the coached sexual shame we’re subjected to as children not only protects abusers and the institutions who foster them, but plays far too significant a role in the lives of millions of sexually dissatisfied men and women. Through his frank, sexual writing, F.R. Larkin hopes to lessen the stigma around sex between consenting adults, lifting the burden of lifetime shame from those victimized by sexual abuse and turning this generations-old weapon on those egregious predators that have benefitted from it for far too long.

Formerly published as Angry Frank, a sex advice columnist for Playgirl, F.R. Larkin was stricken with an excruciating chronic pain condition which he claims robbed the world of his singular voice for far too long–like way longer than that fucking French movie about that lecherous old fart painting that hot naked chick–have you seen that fucking thing, Christ, is it over yet? Frank’s two new books, Total Mindfu*k and How to Talk to Your Dog About Sex collectively represent his return to print. His musings on sex, dogs and life with chronic pain can be found on