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    She loves kinky sex

    Dear Frank, I’m a kinky little S&M chick who happened to hook up with a vanilla sex history professor recently.  I think he might be open to experimenting, and although I’m usually anything but shy, I really like this guy and worry about scaring him off. How do I bring him into my world without freaking him out? Tanya, Louisiana

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    Sex Advice

    Sex Mirror: Turned on or off?

      Dear Frank, Why do guys (and gals) have this fascination about looking in the mirror while having sex? Although I like my body, the mirror thing actually turns me off.  My boyfriend says putting a mirror in front of the bed will turn me on.  Should I try it? Jody, KS   I understand completely Jody. When presented with…

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    Pussy smells… like pussy

    Stacy’s pussy smells… like pussy.  Who’d have fuckin’ guessed. For some reason, I feel completely embarrassed when a guy puts his mouth on my pussy and I never enjoy it. In my head I feel like it smells. Any suggestions? Stacy – PA

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    Fuck Buddy Booty Call

    I recently called a fuck buddy of mine on his middle-of-the-night departures. He said he didn’t like to do his “morning business” in my house. Have you heard of this before? Missy, Alabama

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    Journal,  Relationship

    I fucking love you

    I sit beside you on my couch, wanting desperately to kiss you… so of course I read to you instead, reeling in skeins of text that I cough back up as I interstitially ogle your pouted lips – imagining how I might take them hostage one at a time, between my own, biting and sucking them into my mouth before…