• heat and stir mill vanes sex position
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    The Mill Vanes Position

    The Mill Vanes position, pictured here on the left, also known as the “I’d like to fuck, but also swipe” position, is perfect for the noncommittal Tinder fucker. It says “I’m way into you, yo, well enough to fuck you for sure, but I’d also like to keep swiping left, because there’s probably someone else out there I’d like to…

  • heat and stir woman with eyes closed orgasm
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    Female Orgasm Hacks for More Powerful Pleasure

    There is no Declaration of Orgasmic Independence unfortunately, all orgasms are not created equal, not by a long shot. Why is it that a month after swiping right for Philippe, that dashing could-be Frenchman, (probable French Canadian) the orgasms that had come so fast and furious in those early “my god he actually has hair and resembles his photo” days…

  • heat and stir licking lips
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    Cunnilingus Techniques 201

    For this advanced course you will need your own vagina – well okay, not your own hopefully unless you’re a fucking contortionist… you will need your willing partner’s vagina. You can practice on a replica vagina if you’d like – one of those rubber molds they might sell at a porn shop that looks like someone used garish lipstick to…