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    Pussy smells… like pussy

    Stacy’s pussy smells… like pussy.  Who’d have fuckin’ guessed. For some reason, I feel completely embarrassed when a guy puts his mouth on my pussy and I never enjoy it. In my head I feel like it smells. Any suggestions? Stacy – PA

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    Fuck Buddy Booty Call

    I recently called a fuck buddy of mine on his middle-of-the-night departures. He said he didn’t like to do his “morning business” in my house. Have you heard of this before? Missy, Alabama

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    Cunnilingus Techniques 201

    For this advanced course you will need your own vagina – well okay, not your own hopefully unless you’re a fucking contortionist… you will need your willing partner’s vagina. You can practice on a replica vagina if you’d like – one of those rubber molds they might sell at a porn shop that looks like someone used garish lipstick to…