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    How to bite the pillow.

    Before you endeavor to eat your lover’s asshole, reparations are in order. You see, the asshole is a sensitive thing, and you’ve been hurting its feelings your whole life, possibly without knowing it, as if that’s any fucking excuse. The asshole takes a butt-load of criticism, gets a bum rap if you will, mostly for doing a pretty shitty job…

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    Sex Advice

    The Mill Vanes Position

    The Mill Vanes position, pictured here on the left, also known as the “I’d like to fuck, but also swipe” position, is perfect for the noncommittal Tinder fucker. It says “I’m way into you, yo, well enough to fuck you for sure, but I’d also like to keep swiping left, because there’s probably someone else out there I’d like to…

  • heat and stir woman with eyes closed orgasm
    Sex Advice

    Female Orgasm Hacks for More Powerful Pleasure

    There is no Declaration of Orgasmic Independence unfortunately, all orgasms are not created equal, not by a long shot. Why is it that a month after swiping right for Philippe, that dashing could-be Frenchman, (probable French Canadian) the orgasms that had come so fast and furious in those early “my god he actually has hair and resembles his photo” days…

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    Sex Advice

    She wants more oral sex actions.

    Dear Frank: I’ve been engaged to my fiancé for three months now (together for 3 years), and although the overall sex isn’t bad, he’s sloppy at oral sex. He seems to be really into it, but he’s all over the road, with no clear path home.  How can I get my man to be a neater eater? Jeri, California The…

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    Sex Advice

    She loves kinky sex

    Dear Frank, I’m a kinky little S&M chick who happened to hook up with a vanilla sex history professor recently.  I think he might be open to experimenting, and although I’m usually anything but shy, I really like this guy and worry about scaring him off. How do I bring him into my world without freaking him out? Tanya, Louisiana

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    Sex Advice

    Sex Mirror: Turned on or off?

      Dear Frank, Why do guys (and gals) have this fascination about looking in the mirror while having sex? Although I like my body, the mirror thing actually turns me off.  My boyfriend says putting a mirror in front of the bed will turn me on.  Should I try it? Jody, KS   I understand completely Jody. When presented with…