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  • Ariana Afghan Kabob Restaurant
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    Ariana Afghan Kabob Restaurant

    On the exposed brick wall, amidst the tasseled tapestries and hand woven rugs, across from the Free Afghanistan poster, you’ll find her – the iconic National Geographic girl with those haunting green eyes. It’s Wali’s sister. The long time maître d of Ariana Afghan Kebab on 9th Avenue and 52nd Street, Wali is charismatic, charming, and totally full of shit…

  • darkmatter2_rwallau
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    ‘Dark Matter’ by Blake Crouch

      If you’re a fan of fast-fiction, hankering for a book to gobble down in a night or two at your weekend getaway, Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter, with its protagonist physicist extraordinaire Jason Dessen bouncing around a limitless multi-verse in his mysterious magic box could be just the read for you. Although Mr. Crouch’s parallel timeline / alternate reality universe…