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    Pain in the Side: My Hidden Disability Series 01

    Hidden disability surely seems a misnomer for those of us affected by them. One might ask, hidden from whom? The answer of course, would be people who don’t know you… the public at large I suppose. Surely, the people who do know you, particularly loved ones or close friends, have seen this “hidden” disability, even if only in your lack…

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    ‘Dark Matter’ by Blake Crouch

      If you’re a fan of fast-fiction, hankering for a book to gobble down in a night or two at your weekend getaway, Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter, with its protagonist physicist extraordinaire Jason Dessen bouncing around a limitless multi-verse in his mysterious magic box could be just the read for you. Although Mr. Crouch’s parallel timeline / alternate reality universe…

  • heat and stir couple 01
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    Disabled Sex

    Let me put this out there. This is not a woe-is-me heroic code. For me, it’s simply what is. I live with a great deal of pain… constant pain. I’ll try to make this shit tolerable, perhaps even entertaining on occasion, because the more I can make you understand, the more understanding you might be to someone in your life…

  • heat and stir make it happen-motivation
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    How I Get My Ass to the Gym

    My brother Jim, in an offhand, almost flippant remark provided the key to my (and hopefully your) regular gym attendance. I was bitching about the effort it takes me to get to the gym, this despite the fact that the damn thing is right across the street from me, as if that matters, because as we all know, getting to…

  • heat-and-stir-ifuckingloveyou
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    I fucking love you

    I sit beside you on my couch, wanting desperately to kiss you… so of course I read to you instead, reeling in skeins of text that I cough back up as I interstitially ogle your pouted lips – imagining how I might take them hostage one at a time, between my own, biting and sucking them into my mouth before…