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    Forgive Me, LBGTQ Community

    During my first pride march, I wore a “breeder” T-shirt…as in I literally painted the word “breeder” on a fucking white undershirt and donned that fucking thing while accompanying my bisexual girlfriend down 5th Avenue on the 25th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. I walked down 5th Avenue, proud of my latest artistic creation, as no one gave the fucking thing…

  • how to talk to your dog about sex

    How to talk to your dog about sex

    Click here for Updates 07.01.18 Do you have a dog? Have you had sex? Then please, for the love of dog, check your best friend for signs of DOOFUS (Dogs Oversensitive to Owners Fu*king Unabashedly Syndrome). Does Buddy look at you in that “I could use another treat” way? Does Princess only sit reluctantly, on the third or fourth command?…

  • heat and stir tribute to anthony bourdaiin
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    So Long, Anthony Bourdain, You Fucker.

    Maybe it should have been obvious — the ever-expanding eye bags, distending and contorting his corrugated, leathery skin. The sleepless, workaholic lifestyle that, despite his incredible success. seemed to thunder away from the self rather than toward something, as if there was too little solace in the now to stay for very long. Too much fucking pain to pause. The…