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Forget Fake News, Fake Morality is the Problem

Walmart, a beacon of corporate immorality, just took Cosmopolitan off their shelves. Apparently, scantily clad women and hot sex tips now count as pornography, and of course pornography is the new fake public health crisis. Congress just passed the FOSTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act) which everyone pretty much agrees won’t help victims of sex trafficking but will seriously curb free speech online… Amazon, perhaps in response to FOSTA, just relegated all their erotica writers to the “where are they now” category, making hot scenes with lawn boys and heiresses inaccessible to those criminally degenerate readers looking for a cheap thrill. What do all these shitstorms have in common?

Fake morality.

The pedophilic, hypocritical pediatrician, Dr. Daniel Schrein, who abused me on nearly every visit to his practice back in Omaha, Nebraska used to publish editorials in the local rag, warning of the dangers of pornography. Dr. Schrein warned 11-year-old me of the dangers of dirty magazines, particularly gay pornography, while he jerked me off. Now that the fundamentalists have retaken the White House and fucked up our Supreme Court for another 30 years, we’re all getting more than jerked off, we’re getting fucked.

We can thank The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) for ridding Walmart of Cosmopolitan, robbing women of “unholy” advice on masturbation and copulation. Apparently Walmart’s Christian values take a back seat to workers’ rights: prior scandals include forcing unpaid overtime, and more recently they’ve been caught punishing employees for taking sick days. Of course, holy Walmart still sells the National Enquirer, a magazine that defended President Dump from sexual harassment claims by 19 women and buried his affair with a Playboy model. But hey, you can denigrate and muzzle women all you want and you’re still a good Christian, as the real crime is allowing women to read masturbatory fodder or look at a half-naked woman, dear Lord.

This is the world we live in: where women’s orgasms are more dangerous than grabbing them by their pussies. NCOSE, formerly known as Morality in Media, rebranded itself back in 2014 because it knew that their “morality” was a nonstarter, but if they could frame themselves as anti-exploitation, well then, who wants to exploit women. A visit to this conservative group-think tank will reveal a photo of their beloved founders, a bunch of pious old men of the cloth, whose photos remind me of Dr. Schrein… and let’s just put it this way, if I had kids, I wouldn’t let them near any one of these sanctimonious motherfuckers.

This “rebranding” is an effective tool, I mean, who doesn’t want to stop “sexual exploitation”? The same successful naming convention got senators to vote 97 to 3 for this shit piece of legislation called FOSTA. After all, who doesn’t want to fight Online Sex Trafficking? These assholes got together and knew that no politician could possibly be against tackling sex trafficking. But really helping victims would mean job opportunities, counseling and housing, not a fucking piece of legislation that incentivizes cities and states to concentrate on internet companies with big pockets, putting victims back on the street, and unable to screen clients.

Amazon recently censored a posthumous new title by Anais Nin, famed feminist icon (and literotica pioneer) and has been sticking it to their KDP erotica writers for years. Of course, this is their right as a private corporation, but that’s the fucking problem. We’re totally beholden to these goddamn behemoth corporations. This current move, to remove all erotica writers from “best sellers” lists based on justly earned spots related to sales feels like another dark move to the Right. Without a decentralized web competitor, everything we read is filtered through private big boys Google and Amazon. We are completely beholden to corporations to determine what we see and what should be kept from us. Of course, in comparison to their only real competitors in China, they do it so surreptitiously, so we lose our freedoms quietly, one by one, while the man with the orange squirrel’s nest distracts us with his latest Twitter rant or hate-fueled policy targeting Mexicans, gays or the transgender.

Sure, there is some awful pornography out there that denigrates women, and there’s a disproportionate amount of erotica that just plain sucks, but we’re allowed to make those choices ourselves in this country, goddamnit. If all these lobbyists and right wingers are to be believed, our country’s real problem is the threat to the second amendment all these kids who keep getting shot at school represent. While you and I shake our heads over mind-numbing gun violence and the inability for Congress to act on the senseless death in this country, Congress is acting on far more insidious legislation affecting that other right, that when lacking kills people in other countries, the right to free speech.

There have been countless studies on the effects of porn, but the one constant is the misappropriation of the words “health crisis”. This is political jargon from the right, attempting to scare us to action against imaginary monsters. People who rail against porn are often those most attracted to it, so filled with hate over their own sexual fluidity that this hate bubbles and explodes.

In my experience, if you want to put yourself in real danger, be a young kid around an adult who pontificates on the dangers of pornography. Much like every homophobe I’ve ever met striking me as queer as a $3 bill, every moralizing ass that tells me what not to watch or read is dangerously repressed. And when you keep squeezing that balloon, the tumor-like cancer eventually blows up elsewhere… like in the form of touching a woman or a little boy inappropriately, while all the time proclaiming “morality.”

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