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Sex Mirror: Turned on or off?


Dear Frank,

Why do guys (and gals) have this fascination about looking in the mirror while having sex? Although I like my body, the mirror thing actually turns me off.  My boyfriend says putting a mirror in front of the bed will turn me on.  Should I try it?

Jody, KS


I understand completely Jody. When presented with the reflected me during intercourse I might feel compelled to comment on my incredibly handsome penis… saying things like “Look honey, there’s my incredibly handsome penis” and  “Hey… there’s your vagina… it’s got an incredibly handsome penis in it…”  But as for the rest of those “guys & gals” they probably like the idea of being voyeurs to their own sexual encounters.  Not only experiencing the act itself, but simultaneously watching it happen… just a guess… not that I would know.

Of course your man could just have a small dick, those little pricks will do anything to take your mind off, well… their little pricks. Mirror, huh.  What’s next, smoke?


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