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Sex Advice

I’m addicted to my sex toys.

I am a frequent user of my vibrator but it is very difficult for me to get off with a man. If I stopped using my vibrator, do you think it would be easier for me to come?

Joanne, FL

Consider starting your own Vaginal Support Group… you’re mission statement might be something like “We have pussies, We’re not sorry they come.  We’re just sorry you sorry-ass fuckin’ men can’t make them.”  Be thankful you’re a proud card-carrying member of the “I can orgasm” club and stop willfully punishing yourself by volunteering to give up your God-given right to come.

Regarding vibrator vs. cunnilingus or the manual assist with a man… there’s no fucking comparison.  The battery-operated baton’s gonna get you off every time.  But once mastered, the Man-ual assist orgasm will reach greater intensity and duration – if you’ve got the right guy.  Your inability to orgasm with a man may be less about the speed of his tongue or index finger and more about the emotional surrender and trust necessary to allow partner-induced orgasm.  That being said, you might just want to replace his under-performing ass with someone with the Jaws of Life and a fucking tongue that travels Warp 10. I heard Angelina and Brad broke up, so you know… she’s available.