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What to do when he’s bad in bed?

I just fucked a guy who said “I told you I was gonna make you happy…I could have gone all night long…” Problem is, he really sucked in bed.  Should I tell him.

It’s important to understand “sensitive male-speak” when opening the lines of sexual communication.  When the sensitive male said he could have gone all night, he meant, “I have erectile dysfunction.” When the sensitive male said “I told you I was going to make you happy” he clearly implied “What’s a vagina?”  Try to understand the sensitive male as you summon your powers of diplomacy and tactfully say, “To call you a fucker would be a true disservice to the word, and might actually imply “fucking” – somehow alluding to action on your part.”  The sensitive male of course will hear, “Thank you for fucking me like no one ever will again.”


Photo credit: Pexels.com