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Cuddling after Sex

My man feels the need to cuddle after sex; I don’t. Is that his problem or mine?

Alice, WI

That all depends Alice, if by man you mean your long-term-relationship guy or husband; yeah I’d say you’ve got a problem. If by “man” you’re referring to the guy who comes by every now and then to give you your propers, nestles up beside you for a predetermined amount of time ‘cause he feels he should, then gets the fuck out in the middle of the night spouting some shit about his business, I’d say it’s his problem. Either way, an alternative suggestion would be to stop writing into some jackass who spews a bunch of bullshit in a sex column for a living and tell your man about your desire to put the kybosh on the touchy-feely time ‘til you feel you’re ready for it, if ever. If not, consider fucking one of those Sharper Image back massagers that bounces off your fucking vertebrae like a shitty Phil Collins drum solo (is there any other kind).


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