About Us

          Certainly, there is more to life than sex – but there is no life without it. Heat and Stir Magazine celebrates life and its primordial ingredients: food, love, laughter and of course that three-beer fucking that got us here. Countering the patriarchal guilt and shame promulgated by predators that benefit from both, Heat and Stir promotes a connected, always-consensual lifestyle of gender and sexual acceptance that acknowledges our animal desires while also ensuring they’re tempered with human compassion, education, humor, variety, and experimentation.

          Heat and Stir reimagine and reshapes lifestyle content, espousing healthy, not excessive indulgence in sex, food, exercise, and entertainment by delivering provocative commentary, mouthwatering recipes, breathtaking sensuality and real-world motivation and advice on all the above. Immerse yourself in our powerful storytelling by picking up one of our books, reading our blog, or trying one of our recipes for scintillating food and yummy sex. See and come for yourself – or someone else, that’s hot too.